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U.S. H.O.G.® Safe Rider Skills Training Program


H.O.G.® members are eligible for tuition reimbursement in the form of a voucher for up to $50 for the successful completion of Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy class, including rider training at Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the United States. H-D® encourages H.O.G.® members to partake in H-D® Riding Academy rider training experience, but if a class is not offered in your area, the local accredited rider training course is accepted [MSF - see below].

To find a rider training class near you, go to, or search rider training on your state’s website.

You may also call 1-800-CLUBHOG (1-800-258-2464) or MSF at 1-800-446-9227.

Download the H.O.G. Safe Rider Skills form -- Download PDF

Fill out the form online in your browser [blue fields accept input; click in blue field, tab to next field], then print & send to address listed on form Line 4. Chapter name & number pre-filled.

Accredited MSF Rider Training Courses:

  • Basic RiderCourse

  • Basic RiderCourse 3-Wheel

  • Basic RiderCourse 2 - License Waiver

  • Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse

  • Returning Rider Basic RiderCourse

  • Street RiderCourse 1

  • Street RiderCourse 2

  • Ultimate Bike-Bonding RiderCourse

  • Advanced RiderCourse

More on MSF Rider Courses that are eligible for Safe Rider Training Program.

Safe Rider Skills Course

To Qualify for Reimbursement:


1. You must be a current H.O.G.® member on the date the course began.

2. You must submit all three of the following items within three months of the course completion date to receive the Safe Rider Skills pin, patch, and voucher (if applicable):

a. A completed form (PDF above)
b. A copy of course receipt. (If a receipt is not available, a front and back copy of the cancelled check or a credit card statement is required.)
c. A copy of your completion certificate and/or card, indicating successful completion of the accredited rider training course.

3. Voucher may be applied toward national H.O.G.® membership renewal, H-D® Authorized Rentals, H.O.G.® Rally registration, or H.O.G.® merchandise or Genuine Harley-Davidson® merchandise.

a. Limited to reimbursement for one course annually
b. Reimbursement does not cover the cost of training materials.

c. There will be no change issued on coupon.
d. Maximum reimbursement is $50

4. Mail or fax all the above to the address in the Form (download above).

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