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The Stampede Chapter (#3564) of H.O.G.® is one of nearly 1,400 chapters located throughout the world. Each Chapter must have a sponsoring Harley-Davidson dealership and Stampede HOG is fortunate to have one of the best.


The local membership is growing every day. You will meet some of the best new friends you could ever hope to meet.


You can choose to participate at whatever level you wish. What you get out of your membership (meetings, rides, fellowship) is entirely up to you.

Where and when do you meet?

We usually meet on the THIRD Saturday of every month at Stampede Harley-Davidson (240 N. Burleson Blvd., Burleson, TX 76028) and ride as a group to Chisholm Restaurant in Godley, Texas.

The meeting start times vary, depending on the time of year, but they are usually brunch or lunch rides.

How can I join the Chapter?


First, the membership requirements are simple. You MUST be a member of National HOG®. (Grab your credit card and your Harley’s VIN and call (800-CLUB-HOG).


Once you have a National HOG® number, complete the Chapter Enrollment Form (See FORMS). Bring it to a Chapter meeting or give it to any of the sales team at Stampede. Be sure to include the annual dues. 

What is the cost to join?


Chapter dues are $20.00 annually. 

A full membership for National HOG is $45 for one year, $85 for two years, or $120 for three years.


A one-year full membership is automatically issued to anyone who purchases a new, unregistered Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. You receive a free H.O.G. pin and patch for joining, and a “renewal rocker” for your pin and patch every time you renew. Other ‘life’ membership rates or ‘associate’ rates are available and described on the HOG website. (​


I’m already in a Chapter. Can I transfer to the Stampede HOG® Chapter?


Absolutely! Once you are a National HOG® member, you may join as many local chapters as you like.


I am new to motorcycling. Why should I join this Chapter?


Our Chapter is all about riding and having fun... safely. Our Road Captains are trained and expert riders. We encourage new riders to ride near our Road Captains. We also have a ‘No Alcohol policy for our rides. You will find we welcome everyone, regardless of how long you have been riding. All you need to do is bring your passion for riding and have fun at our meetings, events, and rides.


Why do you care if I am a National HOG® member or not? Why can’t I just join the local Chapter?


National dues are used by National to offer training to the volunteer leaders of the local chapters. National HOG® also provides the local chapters with liability insurance, provided we maintain compliance with the membership requirements.


Simply put, if you are not a member of National HOG® . . . you cannot be a member of the Stampede Chapter. 





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