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  • Assists the sponsoring dealer and chapter director in upholding the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters”


  • Authors, edits and facilitates the distribution of chapter publications, including the chapter newsletter


  • Presents any chapter publications (written, electronic, oral, etc.) to the sponsoring dealer for approval prior to their use ​


  • Organizes and assembles written material for the chapter


  • Submits chapter events on-line at for listing on the Chapter Events List


  • Submits chapter suggestions to the Chapter Officer News®


  • Informs chapter members of chapter activities by printing them in the chapter newsletter


  • Work with Chapter Webmaster to ensure the same information is being communicated to all chapter members.


  • Promotes H.O.G.’s fun, family-oriented philosophy in all chapter publications


  • Sends a copy of all publications to the H.O.G. office


  • The Editor may: Select information from the Chapter Officer News, Hog Tales and Enthusiast® and reprint it in the chapter newsletter.



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